From Caravanning with Kids:  A few months ago we decided we needed to take better care of ourselves!  We will write more about this soon…but we realised that most of the processed & packaged foods and snacks we would take away in the van with us were full of way too much crap.  We thought it was just easier and more convenient to buy packaged snacks, but thanks to our good friend Leah from Life’s Pantry, we were shown that there were so many better options that could be whipped up in minutes at home…

This one is the easiest & quickest one that has become a staple in our lunchboxes and on road trips…apricot bits blitz

Apricot Bites: {This has been tweeked by Leah from a recipe found on Wholefood Simply}

280g of dried Apricots

150g of Desiccated Coconut

Yup…that’s it!! Just throw this in the food processor/thermie/ninja or any food wizzer you have…keep processing for a while until it all comes together…this can take a few minutes of wizzing…


We then simply press it into a cake tin and refrigerate for a few hours – then cut it into little squares.  You could roll these into balls too.

We keep ours in the fridge and pop them into lunch boxes and snack boxes for for the car.apricot bites panapricot bites


Quick, easy, no added sugar…and DELICIOUS.

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rainbow balls finished