If you’re wondering if a kids travel journal is worthwhile let us tell you so many reasons why…

Record those memories

Going on a long trip is an amazing experience! It can also be tiring, busy and become a bit of a blur. This is the primary reason to write a travel journal. Jot down the days, the activities, the feelings and the funny moments. You’ll look back and re-live all those great times for weeks, months and years to come. When it’s not documented you just don’t remember it all. Travelling is a priceless opportunity so take the chance to record it in all its glory!

See the trip through your child’s eyes

Having your child write a travel journal can be an emotional and eye opening experience to see the moments recounted through their eyes. It’s a great insight into what they liked, loved and what tickles their fancy. My kids are always sure to mention funny things like the bathrooms, odd people they saw or a silly moment that as an adult I enjoyed but would then later forget without their reminder.
Enjoy quality time

Having dedicated time each evening to journal together or help a smaller child journal creates wonderful ritual and is beautiful shared parent – child time. The quiet moments can be the most precious, I know I always try to treasure them!

Creates mindfulness of what you are experiencing

I’m no hippy dippy but we live in a world where we can sometimes take things for granted. Helping a child to recount their experiences and understand the significance of what they have seen, done or been to is great for overall mindfulness and learning appreciation for the day that has been. Whether it’s ‘That castle was 700 years old, that’s older than Australia!’ or simply ‘That milkshake was really delicious’ being aware is a rich and special quality.

You’re keeping up your literacy while on the road

When you take children out of school for extended travel they almost always request that you write a diary with your child. This is a means of keeping your child reading, writing and recalling words and text without doing boring old stencils or comprehensions. There’s great educational value in writing a journal so definitely foster this helpful daily habit. Secret school work for the win!

Whatever the reasons you choose to journal I assure you this is something you won’t regret. Celebrate your amazing adventures by documenting them – you’ll love reading them and escaping when you’re back to normal life… get writing!


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