Everyone dreads a long flight with children; even at Travelling with Kids the thought doesn’t excite us! The reality of course is that if you want to go overseas getting on a plane is almost unavoidable! So, we’ve scoured the web for the best of tips and tricks to make plane travel less stressful and more enjoyable for every member of the family.


Our own best tip is, where possible, to book flights that coincide with bedtime. Getting on the plane, popping little people into their pyjamas and helping them settle with a blanket and their teddy (and no device time at all!) is the easiest way to fly. If you’re looking for flights we always look for an evening departure! (If you need help booking your flights, contact our Travelling with Kids Travel Agent Sara, super helpful with all your travel needs)

Insisting on no devices is really important for getting children to sleep more easily when you first get on board. Of course they will already be excited with everything around them so providing the most calming environment possible is definitely recommended. Saying no to the ipad straight away encourages them to bore to sleep – literally – especially if you’ve got a toddler tech junkie who’d play all night given the chance!

Here’s another great article we found from Bub Hub brimming with ideas to make your journey easier! Hopefully you’ll be flying through the air with the greatest of ease….

“Tips for preparing for your flight

  • Change your baby’s sleep pattern the day before and manipulate it so they will sleep during the flight.
  • Dress your child/children in bright colours so you can spot them easily if they wander off at the airport. “

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Our other personal thing to remember when flying with little people is to always accept help. From a friendly person who might be sharing your seat row to the air-hostess’ who will more than happily take your little one while you stretch, prepare food or just need a two-minute reprieve, don’t ever decline a helping hand! When flying, it definitely takes a village!