My Buddy Tags

Peace of mind in one little blue tooth chip…we love My Buddy Tags. Available in Blue, Green and Pink…

We discovered My Buddy Tag last year when we were away.  We were sitting by the pool and the girls were playing with a little boy, Ashlee asked what was on his wrist… it was a Buddy Tag.  We got chatting with his parents (as you do…) and they explained that he wears it when he is swimming and it alerts them if it is under water for more than 10 seconds.  Peace of mind for them after losing their niece from an accidental drowning 🙁  Also great for children who tend to wonder off.  A bluetooth chip is in the wrist band and can be worn on your childs wrist, on their shoes or attached to their clothes.  No GPS, so there are no monthly fees.


A missing child is a parent’s worst nightmare and accidental drowning statistics are alarming…My Buddy Tag is here to keep kids safe while allowing them to discover their own independence. Here are some of the clever features:
•Out of Range Alert: BuddyTag uses Bluetooth technology to alarm you when your child is out of your proximity •Panic Button: Conveniently located on wristband. Alert at the touch of a button, allowing child to alert you when they are in fear or in threatening situation. •Water Safety Alert: BuddyTag alerts you when it submerged in water for more than 10 seconds, and helps prevent accidental drowning. •Secure fastener: Patent pending silicone wristband that prevents easy removal •Email last location: emails time and map locations when child was last seen by the BuddyTag App. Perfect for parents with a nanny taking the kids out! •Personal ID: Child ID in BuddyTag wristband helps reunite your child with you if you are separated. •Free App compatible with Iphone 4s & newer; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note2, Note3 with Android 4.3 or newer

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